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China-Australia Zero Trade Tariff is coming
Dec 13, 2018

            China-Australia ZeroTrade Tariff is coming 


    The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) was formally signed on June 17, 2015 and came  into effect on December 20, 2015. Since 2015, China and Australia have made 4 tariff concessions, and the tariffs on imported goods from Australia have been gradually lowered. A considerable number of goods will achieve zero tariffs within five years. According to the China-Australia free trade agreement, the fifth round of product tax reduction will be implemented from January 1, 2019. It means from Jan. 1,2019, China will  remove tariffs on Australian imports, in return Australia will remove tariffs on all goods imported from China as well. 

    This news will bring good opportunities for many industry in China.

    Tungsheng Industry will seize this opportunity to expand foreign market, bring our high quality PE bags and compostable bags to world-wide customers. 

    Our factory's  plastic bags including drawstring bags, easy tie garbage bags, HDPE produce bags, trash bin liners, food bags, die cut bag and cling film, totally 120 kinds of products.Drawstring bags, compostable t-shirt bags and  biodegradable roll bag as new products draw more attention from our old and new customers and sell well.   

     With the biggest intelligent factory in China industry, our annual capacity reaches 35000 tons, 95% of products sold to Europe, America, Japan, Australia and so on. We have cooperation with many Australia customers for years and our good quality and stable delivery wins customers trust and appreciation.

    If you have any question please kindly contact us. We will try to provide you most effective packing way. 

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