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Attention: The Certificate of Orgin that exported to Parkistan & Chile must be made Before customs declaration
Dec 25, 2018

Attention: The Certificate of Origin that exported to Pakistan & Chile must be made Before customs declaration!


    From 1st,January, 2019, according to the operation requirements of "Electronic Information Exchange System of Origin of China-Pakistan" and "Electronic Information Exchange System of Origin of China-Chile",  all goods exported to Pakistan and Chile need to apply for certificate of origin before customs declaration. Because the certificate of origin number needs to be filled in when making customs declaration; when declare at domestic customs doesn't fill in certificate of origin number, after the goods arrived at the destination port, it may not be able to enjoy tariff preference policy.


    At the same time, when filling out the export declaration form, if the export goods are preferential it is necessary to insert the certificate Y and its number in the column of the attached document. If the export goods do not enjoy tariff preference, no need to provide this information.

    For more detailed information you can check General Administration of customs P.R.China


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