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Environmental protection measures for garbage bags
Sep 29, 2018

technology R & D

The degradable plastic bags appearing in the market only add 10%-15% of degradable components, but still 85%-90% cannot be completely degraded, but because of the addition of degradable additives, they cause load bearing and leakproofness. Decreased functionality, increased consumer wear, and complete degradation in technology remains to be overcome.

Garbage classification

In addition to the continuous development of new technologies, consumers can use the different colors of garbage bags to carry out garbage sorting storage. The kitchen can be blacked for non-recyclable garbage; the living room and study room are pink for storing recyclable garbage. This sort of garbage is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and can be properly recycled and reused.

Reduce use

The government should further develop, educate, and infiltrate the advanced concept of environmental protection of consumers' "resource classification." Paid use of plastic bags is much more than just a sentence. Discarding plastic bags seems like a trivial matter. It is actually a 'revolution' in people's lifestyles, which is bound to bring pain to people. For consumers who are accustomed to using plastic bags for free, changing the long-term consumption habits requires a process that depends on the broad publicity and education of the whole society.

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