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Standard for the selection of garbage bags
Sep 29, 2018

First of all, according to the environmental design concept, choose the garbage bag:

The first thing to buy is "can be loaded" because the general garbage bag can only hold 2/3 of the capacity. Reloading will not be able to close the mouth, which is not conducive to garbage cleaning. The "automatic closing garbage bag" can make full use of the capacity space of the garbage bag, and it can be loaded with garbage, thus using less plastic bags.

The second garbage bag is divided into two designs, one is a flat bottom and the other is an octagonal bottom. The garbage bag with flat design has a large capacity. The octagonal type is more powerful at the bottom.

The third label uses high-strength PE pure new material, which is more stretchable than the bag with only secondary reclaimed material. It is more flexible and durable and is not easy to puncture. Precautions

The fourth is to choose a garbage bag that is easy to close, so that it is beneficial to the disposal of garbage. If the garbage bag is easy to break and it is difficult to close the mouth, environmental workers will be scattered when handling garbage, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

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