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Liaoning Tungsheng Group Chairman Wenqidong Attended The Second Sessions Of The 13th Provincial Peoples's Congress
Jan 28, 2019

Liaoning Tungsheng Group Chairman Wenqidong attended the Second sessions of the 13th Provincial people's congress.

The Second session of the 13th Liaoning Municipal People's Congress opened in the Liaoning People's Hall on Jan.16. Wen qidong, the chairman of Liaoning Tungsheng grou, as a deputy to the current provincial people's congress, attended the meeting and participated in the deliberation of the provincial government work report, the plenary sessions of the Yingkou delegation, panel discussion and other work, and put forward Suggestions on improving the business environment on site and actively perform his duties.


    At the meeting, Chairman Wen qidong prepared a proposal on "The enactment of the regulation on the prohibition of the production and use of disposable non-biodegradable express bags in Liaoning province" after long-term deliberation.

    In view of a series of environmental pollutions' problems caused by the production and use of non-biodegradable petroleum plastic products, it is the general trend to prohibit its production and use and replace them with green and biodegradable products.

    This proposal aims to find a breakthrough for the "plastic prohibition " work in Liaoning province. It is suggested that the "plastic prohibition " work of express bags should be included in the work agenda of the provincial government and related laws and regulations should be formulated and implemented as soon as possible, so as to promote the application and promotion biodegradable materials and find a way to solve the problem of plastic pollution.

   Taking express in daily life as an example, in 2016, there are 30 billion express package in China, to 2020 China is expected to produce 50 billion express packages, that means a large number of packaging bags garbage is difficult to dispose. if 50% of that can be replaced with biodegradable plastic packaging products. it can greatly reduce the pressure of environmental protection.

   Tungsheng biodegradable express bags can be fully composted into carbon dioxide and water in 180 days, if you want to learn more, feel free to contact us. 


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