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The 2018 Summary And Commendation Conference Of Liaoning Tungsheng Group And Chinese New Year Party Was Held Successfully
Jan 28, 2019

" Ingenuity for 19 years, Tungsheng Brand new chapter" the 2018 summary and commendation conference of Liaoning Tungsheng Group and Chinese New Year Party was held successfully



    On January 25, the 2018 summary and commendation conference and New Year Party of Liaoning Tungsheng group "ingenuity for 19 years, brand new chapter" was held in the Hongyun hotel. Chairman of the group Wen qidong, President Wen bo, all senior executives, annual honor award winners and special guests from industry-university-research cooperation units and industrial chain cooperation partners, total more than 260 people attended the conference.


    As the countdown to the start of the conference, all important group events in 2018 were broadcast on the conference screen. Group president, Wen bo, presided over the meeting personally, reviewed and summarized the work of the year from every aspects, and reported the business performance and the progress of major projects to Tungsheng's family members and guests. During the period, commended the units and individuals that have won awards including the best management department, operation expert, advanced production team, best sales, best service, best director/general manager, total more than 10 award. In the process of looking forward to 2019, president Wen bo has issued the annual strategic outline of the group which is to seek for increment on the basis of maintaining the current business and to focus on " the first year of Tungsheng brand " and comprehensively improve the group's performance with the support of Tungsheng comprehensive trade service platform, biodegradable materials and high-barrier multilayer co-extrusion film projects. At the same time, the screen also broadcast the video of each subsidiary and functional department signing KPI responsibility certificate, which expressing the determination and confidence of all to work together to  create a better future for Tungsheng!!


    Finally, group chairman Wen qidong delivered a speech with the theme of " Chasing new dreams and embarking on new journey" after analyzing the background of Times and Trends, he emphasized the development essence of Tungsheng group is to adhere to innovation, which is also the soul of Tungsheng. It is necessary to build a talent team with tungsheng culture" Chinese parasol trees perching phoenix" and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to remain invincible position in the future competition.

    Then the chairman and president together with all senior management team pressed ther hands on the big screen and led everyone to run towards 2019 with a series of light beams. 


   Then the New Year party began. the serious group executives and common front-line staff have shown their versatile side, singing, dancing, opusculum and comic dialogue and live lottery make the party to a climax. In the last Chinese New Year's banquet, we shared our friendship and talked about the future between toasts, which drew a satisfactory conclusion for 2018 and expected the arrival of the Chinese New Year in 2019. 



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