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Tungsheng Industry Held 2018 Annual Staff Skills' Competition
Dec 12, 2018

News: Tungsheng Industry Held the 2018 Annual Staff Skills Competition


    As one of the leading producer in China packaging products industry, we are constantly making innovation and improvement in our service, quality control. At the last week of Nov. Yingkou Dongsheng Industry Co.,ltd organized " Tungsheng 2018 Annual staff skills competition" with the theme of this competition is "show your technical skills in competition and training for stronger skills"

    Totally 94 front-line workers took part in this competition in the following parts: blowing film, color printing, bag-making, bag-packing, carton sealing, machine maintenance and so on.

Firstly, the main judge read the scoring rules, then participants draw lots to determine the sequence in the competition. then the fierce competition began. Competition lasted one week.

Faced with skilled competitors, participants have taken out their best skills and ran with time, every process must be carried out according to the operating procedures and ensure the high quality of products at the same time.  

The judges keeping constantly patrol around the competition site, giving scores fairly and justly.

    Every technical competition is not only an exchange of ideas and technologies, but also a centralized review of worker' spiritual outlook, technical level and qualities of will. It is also a chance that guides and deepens the majority of worker's training skills and working dedication.

    During the competition, participants fully displayed their skills and working spirit and forming an atmosphere of " comparing, learning, catching up and surpassing"

Through the competition, the front-line workers found their gaps in theoretical knowledge and practical skills, moreover the department managers have a further understanding of the overall technical level of workers, laying a solid foundation for better "quality assurance, assured operation"


     Recently company will reward the workers who won in the skill competition.


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