• Manufacturing LDPE Drawstring Trash Bags

    Description: Manufacturing LDPE drawstring trash bags Machine made roll package with point-off line, it is convenient to use and also save space in package. High thickness drawstring is easy to be...
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  • Factory Price Drawstring Large Trash Bags

    Description: Factory price drawstring large trash bags These bags designed with wide, durable drawstring tapes, even the fullest trash loads can be closed with a cinch and transported with ease....
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  • D2W Degradable Drawstring Trash Bags

    124 Description : D2W degradable drawstring trash bags These bags are totally degradable D2W drawstring garbage bags. It is environmentally responsible, oxo-bio plastic can be re-used and...
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  • Customized 10 Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

    Description : Customized 10 gallon drawstring trash bags Customized made 10 gallon drawstring black trash bags 24" x30" provide a sturdy easy gripping handle with a tight closing on the...
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  • OEM 4 Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

    Description : OEM 4 gallon drawstring trash bags No more ripping bags, with our OEM 4 gallon drawstring trash bags on interleaved rolls, you will have the convenience and cleanliness you have...
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  • Customized Drawstring Plastic Trash Bags

    Description : C ustomized drawstring plastic trash bags Compared with traditional flat trash bags and star seal bottom garbage bags, our customized drawstring plastic trash bags built-in two layer...
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  • China Made Drawstring Plastic Garbage Bags

    Description : China made drawstring plastic garbage bags Drawstring plastic garbage bag is a new kind of trash bag, designed with a draw tape at the top of the bag. Our factory is professional in...
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  • Hot Sale OEM Drawstring Garbage Bags

    Description : Hot sale OEM drawstring garbage bags These 8 gallon trash bags fit small trash cans perfectly. Using eco-friendly material ( pure PE material, no smell, no breakable) more durable...
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  • Manufacturer Price Drawstring Trash Bags

    Description : Manufacturer price drawstring trash bags Our drawstring trash bags are made from new HDPE material, The rope design make loading trash more quick and easy. Factory price with...
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  • Custom High Qualtiy Drawstring Garbage Bags

    Description : Custom high quality drawstring garbage bags Custom-made high quality drawstring garbage bags, high density(HDPE) are a more cost-effective material, they are thinner than LDPE but...
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  • OEM HDPE Drawstring Trash Bags

    Description : OEM HDPE Drawstring trash bags OEM Customized 27Liter cheap drawstring trash bags, made from high density plastic(HDPE). The draw tape design is double layer folded which is more...
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  • HDPE Garbage Bags On Roll 80L

    HIGH DENSITY (HDPE) are a more cost-effective option.Manufactured from different resins, they are thinner than Linear Low Density bags and are not as puncture-resistant, yet they can carry very...
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