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TUNGSHENG Industry Successfully Passed SQP Factory Audit
Dec 04, 2018


TUNGSHENG Industry Successfully Passed SQP Factory Audit

    During 19th-20th.Nov.2018, the auditor from world-class organization ITS come to our factory to make SQP audit, and we successfully passed SQP audit by only one time and got high points -79 scores.


    The SQP quality audit was successfully passed improve the international image of Yinkgou Dongsheng Industry Co.,ltd . Meanwhile it lays a solid foundation for future cooperation with large international purchasers. Help our sales department to expand overseas markets in PE bags and compostable bags, esp. in drawstring trash bags, flap tie bags.

What's The Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)?

The SQP audit standard was developed by rigorously surveying the requirements of global consumer product brands and retailers. SQP audit is divided into 8 parts:

l  Management Commitment and Continuous Improvement,

l  Risk Management Systems

l  Quality Management System

l  Site and Facilities Management

l  Product Control

l  Product Testing

l  Process control (Mixing- Blow molding & printing-Automatic cutting & bonding -Packing)

l  Personnel Training and Competency


    Intertek Testing Services (ITS) is one of the largest scale testing and inspection organization in world. Its headquarter located in London with more than 43,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries.

    Intertek’s Supplier Qualification Program provides a world-class Industry Standard that drives continuous improvement through open benchmarking.


The SQP Benefits include:

l  Meets the requirements of designated customer, to get orders.

l  Got recognition from international customer, avoid the repeat audit and lower down the cost

l  Improve risk management and got higher profits

l  Improved transparency and Trust between Buyers and Suppliers

l  . Making stable cooperation with purchaser and expand new international markets

l  Provide an good working environment for employees, attract more outstanding talents, reduce the loss of high-level professionals, and achieve sustainable development for the enterprise.

l  Establish international credibility and improve corporate image

l  Enable consumers to establish positive emotions towards products


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