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What Is The Role Of Deoxidizer In Food Bags
Sep 29, 2018

Deoxidizer: It is generally used in combination with high barrier packaging. Otherwise, if you deoxidize, the external oxygen will come in again! ! ! There are also deoxidizers available at the same time with a dry function!


1, high barrier packaging bags, to prevent oxygen, water vapor, ultraviolet light, etc., etc., caused by deterioration!

2, add preservatives, such as potassium sorbate, etc.

3, low temperature refrigeration, reduce the respiratory oxidation of food and bacteria, etc.!

4, the inside of the package is rushed into a specific proportion of gas, to inhibit the growth of internal bacteria, extend the shelf life of food!

5, UV, cooking and other methods thoroughly sterilized to ensure that the number of internal bacteria is as small as possible after the food enters the package!

6, for different foods use appropriate preservation programs, such as: some foreign cold meat, the package is filled with 80% of oxygen, so in the refrigeration, you can ensure that the meat is bright red within 7 days, not browning!

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