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APL Released New Regulations on Shipping Manifest Exports to Dubai
Feb 01, 2019

    Recently Shipping company APL released new regulations on manifest of export to Dubai.

    According to article(41) of the GCC common customs act. : All shipping companies/agents are required to submit shipping export manifests, requiring all customers to provide shipping instructions within 24 hours of the SI deadline and before the vessel's arrival. The description of the goods on the bill of lading must be exactly the same as that on the customs export declaration. If there is any discrepancy, amendment, delay or failure to submit sea export manifest, customer will be punished by customs. If it is necessary to modify the shipping export manifest, the customer shall also bear the corresponding modification costs.

   The rules will take effect on February 1, 2019.

    Hope all of our customer and industry company pay attention to this rules.

    Tungsheng Industry Co.,ltd is situated at the northeast part of China and are near Yingkou & Dalian ports. Our company was founded in 1999 and was expanded in 2006.

    Our annual plastic production capacity reaches 35000 tons, the export rate is 95%. Our major products are HDPE and LDPE flat-open bags, drawstring garbage bags, food bag in roll, eight-folder trash bags, easy-tie can liners, total over 80 series and 120 types.

   Welcome to visit and audit our factory. 


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