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The main components of the garbage bag
Sep 29, 2018


Fillers can improve and enhance the performance of plastics. For example, adding fiber can improve the mechanical strength of plastics; adding asbestos can enhance the heat resistance of plastics; adding mica can enhance the electrical insulation properties of plastics; adding graphite and molybdenum disulfide can improve the abrasion resistance and wear resistance of plastics. Adding fillers can also reduce the cost of plastics.


Adding plasticizer to the plastic can improve the plasticity and softness of the plastic and reduce the brittleness. Commonly used plasticizers are: dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl phthalate, tricresyl phosphate, camphor, benzophenone and the like.


Hardeners are also known as curing agents or curing agents. Its main function is to crosslink the linear molecular structure of the polymer into a bulk molecular structure, thereby making the resin thermosetting. A commonly used hardener in phenolic resins is urotropine (hexamethylenetetramine). The hardeners commonly used in epoxy resins are amines and acid anhydrides.


Adding a colorant to the plastic gives the plastic a vivid color and luster. Colorants are often used with a variety of pigments and dyes, and sometimes pigments that produce fluorescence or phosphorescence.


Many plastics in the molding process and the use of products, due to the action of heat, light or oxygen, premature degradation, oxidative chain scission, cross-linking, etc., and the material properties deteriorate. In order to stabilize the quality of plastic products and prolong their service life, stabilizers are usually added to their components. Commonly used stabilizers are stearate, lead white, epoxide and the like. 

Other additives

In the processing of plastics, lubricants are often required for demolding and smoothing of products. Commonly used lubricants are fatty acids and their salts. In order to make plastic products such as plastic mantle and plastic carpet antistatic, an antistatic agent is added to increase the surface conductivity and rapidly discharge the charged plastic.

In order to make plastic products have better performance to meet various application requirements, there are also: antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, flame retardants, foaming agents, luminescent agents, balsam and the like.

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