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Dec 11, 2018

Australia slashed plastic use by 80% in recent 3 months




   In only three months, Australia has cut its plastic bag usage by 80 percent, according to the country’s National Retail Association.

   Over the summer, two of Australia’s largest supermarket chains — Woolworths and Coles — announced the ban of single-use plastics in their stores in the Australian states of Queensland and Western Australian.

    Australia has approached the phase-out of lightweight plastic bags on a regional level, rather than national. Tasmania and South Australia have previously banned plastic bags and Victoria is expected to enact a ban sometime in 2019. New South Wales – the country’s most populated state – is the only region without any pending plans.

Throughout the world, at least 32 countries — 18 in Africa — have plastic bag bans in place,according to Resue This bag. In June, Chile became the first country in the Americas to ban plastic bags. California and Hawaii are the only US states with a plastic bag ban. However, a handful of states have a mandatory recycling or reuse program.

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     As more and more foreign countries ban plastic bags. The need for biodegradable bags and compostable bags are increased rapidly. More and more buyers turn to compostable bags. 

    Our factory is following this new trend, put a lot effort and financial support in research & development in compostable bags. Our compostable t-shirt bags and compostable flat bags star sealed on roll drawn many attention and interest from new and old customers in the last 124th Canton Fair. We are continuously promoting these new product to the market, and make contribution to a greener world.


   TUNGSHENG compostable t-shirt bag and star sealed roll bag will be your best choice.


   Join us! Find your compostable packaging way.

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