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President Of Tungsheng Group Wenbo Visited Japan Customers
Jan 20, 2019

    In the middle of Jan. , the group president Wenbo visited Japan and made sales return visits to SHIMO JIMA Co., Ltd and KOBE BUSSAN Co., Ltd separately and recommend to the Tungsheng Trade Integrated Service Platform to seek a deeper cooperation.


    Tungsheng trade integrated service platform based on the company brand and influence in the international market, with independent R&D innovation ability, the large-scale systematic operation mode, complete supply chain system, professional marketing team for support, which aimed at introducing the world's high quality products to daily life of China's 300 million middle-class and promote good Chinese products to the world as well. With 20 years of experience in serving international customers, we have gained the core ability to serve international customers, and have obtained the trade cooperation with a number of large financial groups in Japan.


    Through this visit, president Wenbo has strengthened communication with Japanese customers and laid a foundation for further cooperation in the future.

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