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What Is Degradation
Sep 30, 2018


1 The number of carbon atoms in the organic compound molecule is reduced and the molecular weight is lowered.

2 degradation meaning

Degradation: surrender and solve. Refers to the uniforming and settlement of something.

The macromolecule of the polymer compound is decomposed into smaller molecules.

3 plastic degradation: the term plastic degradation refers to the end of the polymer polymer life cycle. Plastic degradation is caused by a decrease in the molecular weight of the polymer and a decrease in the physical properties of the polymer material (plastic). Typical performances are: plastics are brittle, cracked, softened, hardened, and lose mechanical strength. The aging and deterioration of plastics is a phenomenon of degradation. However, in general, plastics are degraded into environmentally friendly (less harmful) fragments or turned into CO2 and water, and return to the natural cycle, which takes decades and hundreds of years.

Therefore, the rapid degradation technology is now used to select highly degradable high-poly hydrocarbons and organic materials to make plastics to prevent pollution.

4. It means that under the action of external factors such as heat, light, mechanical force, chemical reagents and microorganisms, the polymer undergoes random breakage of molecular chains, elimination of side groups and low molecules, resulting in a decrease in polymerization degree and relative molecular mass. .

5. Different scholars have different opinions on degradation. There is a view that degradation products are finally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water to be called degradation.

6. "degradable" in English: degradable

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