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The role of the plastic wrap of the bottle
Sep 30, 2018

1. Prevent the wine label from being damaged by moisture

The humidity in the wine storage environment is quite high and the humidity is 60%-70%. This is a very humid environment. In the damp wine cellar and wine cabinet, it is easy to breed a large number of molds, so that there are various mildew spots on the wine label, and even the moisture is damaged, so the plastic wrap is well protected.

2. Prevent direct collision between bottles when moving

The bottles collide directly, giving a crisp sound and being easily broken. If the plastic wrap is wrapped on the bottle, it can prevent the direct contact between the bottles, relieve the force generated by the collision, and protect the bottle.

3, to prevent wine label transportation wear and tear

Wines are inevitably subject to various bumps during transportation. Most wine labels are paper-based and are subject to wear and tear during transport. The plastic wrap protects the wine label from damage.

4, to prevent the wine label freezing cold

The drinking of wine requires a high temperature. White wine, sparkling wine, and liqueur need to be chilled before opening. The low temperature will also corrode the paper, but the plastic wrap can also ensure that the wine label is not frozen, and it can still be clearly presented to the people after chilling.

5, to prevent alcohol contamination of wine labels

When pouring the wine, if the bottle is wrapped with plastic wrap, it can prevent the outflow of the wine from immersing the bottle, thus protecting the wine label from contamination.

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