Flat Trash Bags

  • Heavy Duty Extra Large Trash Bags 45gallon

    Description: Heavy duty extra large trash bags 45gallon Heavy duty extra large trash bags in black color and 24 count per box. Our proprietary blend of high-performance polyethylene resin combined...
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  • Large Shredder Bags 15 Gallon

    Description: Large shredder bags 15gallon 15 gallons large bags quality supply for your shredder. These bags are tough and durable for all of your home and office needs. They are sized well and...
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  • Medical Waste Bags

    Description: Medical waste bags These medical waste bags are designed for the safe collection and containment of medical waste, including tubing, infectious linens and personal protective...
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  • Kitchen Waste Bags

    Description: Kitchen waste bags Kitchen waste bags are designed to solve the combined dry and wet waste, which can help to separate the wet waste from dry waste easily. Since there are many small...
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  • Flap Top Trash Bags Gusseted

    Description: Flap top trash bags gusseted Gusseted trash bags are a good and affordable option in flexible packaging, when your bag simply must conform to the shape of your box or product. The...
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  • Flat Garbage Bags

    Description: Flat garbage bag This garbage bags are flat seal, just as the name infers, a flat seal is simply a two-dimensional bag with a bottom seal. Flat seals are generally leak proof. Item...
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  • Poly Drum Liners Clear

    Description: Poly drum liner clear This clear poly drum liner can fit the drum precisely, have sufficient material to enable the liner to be folded over the lip of the drum or tied off for storage...
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  • Wastebasket Liners 10 Gallon

    Descript ion: Wastebasket liners 10 gallon Transparent wastebasket liners are very strong for food waste, even holds heavy waste with no leakage and breakage. Test it with water and still no...
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  • Heavy Duty Extra Large Drum Liners 55 Gallon

    Descript ion: Heavy duty extra large drum liners 55 gallon Nice neatly folded in box, easily extricated. Very strong and hard to puncture. Fits a standard garbage barrel and holds tightly around...
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  • Extra Heavy Duty Bin Liners 82L

    Descript ion: Extra heavy duty bin liners 82L These bin liners fit 82 liter bins. These liners are extra heavy duty so you can dispose of a variety of materials. These liners are made from low...
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  • Black Bin Liners 240L

    Descript ion: Black bin liners 240L Suitable to fit your traditional 240 liter household and wheelie bins. These strong and rigid liners are a great choice for the collection of general household...
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  • 73L Garbage Bin Liners Star Seal

    Descript ion: 73L Garbage Bin liners Star seal Units 50. Strong and reliable LDPE bin liners suitable for 73L garbage bins. Individually dispensed flat pack with a strong star seal. Ideal for...
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