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Ways to reduce the use of plastic bags
Sep 29, 2018

Reuse the plastic bag: Pick a few sturdy plastic bags and put them in your bag and carry them with you so that you can use the plastic bags provided by the store when you are shopping and refuse to use the plastic bags provided by the store. Reusable plastic bags are easy to carry (can be placed in small bags or even pockets!), and as long as you bring a few more, you can buy a lot of things, or you can pack them, so it won't inconvenience your life. The stained plastic bag will be used for garbage (or cleaned before use), while the clean plastic bag can be reused several times.

Rejecting plastic bags: Under normal circumstances, cashiers often mechanically package and collect money. They don't have time to ask customers if they need plastic bags. If you don't need it, you don't have to accept plastic bags, such as when buying small items such as yogurt, drinks, and medicines. Who says that bags and handbags can't be used as shopping bags? Use reusable green bags: carry your own bags with you.

Count how many plastic bags you have used: Take a look! Think about how many plastic bags you have consumed today or this week.

Tell these people and friends about these methods, and let more people contribute to the environment.

If you want to buy fragile things like eggs, you can choose a small basket of wicker, which is both environmentally friendly and fashionable.

Try to use eco bags to shop.

There are also red, yellow, blue and green garbage bags. The role of such bags on the market is mainly used to classify garbage. It is very important to classify garbage, which is beneficial to the use of recyclable garbage. Household garbage is generally divided into domestic garbage and recyclable garbage. Well, if it is dangerous glass electromagnetic, etc. We can install it in red garbage bags, let us make a contribution to this earth together.

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