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News︳Deputy Mayor Of Yingkou City Jinli Came To Tungsheng Group For Visit And Research
Jan 15, 2019


News︳Deputy Mayor of Yingkou Jin li Came to Tungsheng Group For Visit and Research

    On January 3 Jin li the deputy mayor of Yingkou city, came to Tungsheng group to make on-site inspection of "project of annual output 40 000 tons of high barrier multilayer co-extrusion functional film and DBM biodegradable base material and products'  Accompanied by leaders of municipal science and technology bureau, Chairman Wen qidong and vice president Li shuyi accompanied the whole visit.

    At the introduction of projects part outside the factory, Chairman Wen mainly introduced the basic situation of biodegradable projects to Mayor Jin. This project focuses on the green packaging industry and produces biodegradable packaging materials/ products with straw stalks, straw and rice husk and other low-value agricultural by-products as raw material, this way not only solves local social problem of straw burning, but also gradually solves the "white pollution" problem.

    At the same time, this way can help farmers increase income and promote the construction of beautiful countryside.

    Inside the factory, Mayor Jin visited the high-barrier multi-layer co-extrusion workshop and the bio- base material workshop to learn the details of the project.

    Mayor Jin expressed her appreciation for Tungsheng group's efforts in leading industrial development and bearing social responsibilities. Meanwhile she hoped that the group could continue to insist on the business philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force for development and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise to achieve sustainable development.


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